USB Type-C: The Universal Option

We are becoming increasingly reliant on our mobile devices, and chances are you have at least one form of this technology, making it even more likely that you have some type of USB connector in your home. They allow you to charge your devices, download music, and so much more. Just as with any business, however, competition has increased the performance of these connectors, and the USB Type-C is a new universal option able to connect them all.

Understanding Types A and B

To understand how USB Type C is different than what we are largely accustomed to, it’s important to first understand Types A and B. They can be defined as follow:

  • Type A: the original version featuring a rectangular shape and flat head. Also known as A-male connector, these connectors are generally compatible with host devices including laptops, game consoles and media players, However, it can be difficult to use them with peripheral devices.
  • Type B: These connectors are used for peripheral devices such as printers or phones. Therefore, they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate.

The USB Type C Advantages

USB Type C takes this technology to a whole new level. Aside from versatility and the ability to work on even the smallest of peripheral devices, they also are capable of providing sufficient power to run multiple desktop hard drives. USB Type C is also able to provide bi-directional power, making the life of users more convenient by cutting down the number of wires currently required to perform common tasks.