Universal Charging Likely for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo lovers everywhere have long been awaiting the release of official details of the upcoming Nintendo Switch. While these details will help us make important purchasing decisions, recent leaks reveal a good reason to seriously consider investing in this exciting entertainment option. Rather than using a charger that is restricted to use with their products, Nintendo is likely opting to utilize a more universal option in the USB-C standard.

This preview was made available through information that was recently shared by hardware manufacturer @play. They recently released a listing of accessories we can expect to be associated with this new gaming console. Not surprisingly, these postings were quickly removed, but, with modern technology, it’s impossible to completely remove anything that’s made it’s way online. In this case, screenshots were made that captured revealing photos of a USB-C charger next to the caption, “Nintendo Switch Extra-Long 3M Charging Cable.”

There are a number of ways in which Nintendo customers can benefit from the very real possibility of USB-C charging capability. For starters, USB-C chargers are inexpensive, and they can be easily replaced in the event the original charger is ever lost or damaged. The wall charger helps to save money, and users can enjoy the ease of ability in obtaining third-party alternatives to charge in their cars. Perhaps best of all is the fact that, with a charging capacity of 3A, the new Nintendo Switch will be capable of charging more quickly and efficiently than previous Nintendo products.

Nintendo has long provided its customers with the ability to enjoy hours of entertainment. If there is truth to the recent leaks, there are a number of ways in which customers can further enjoy this legendary company and the hours of entertainment they have made possible for multiple generations over the past several decades.