Top 5 USB Toys

Nowadays, more and more companies are looking for ways to separate themselves in the USB market. With such a simple product and focused objective, many wonder what else can be done with USB. The following is a list of the top USB toys on the market today. Whether you’re in the mood to listen to Yoda’s wisdom or launch a foam missile, look no further:


  • USB Golf Fidget: This popular toy lets you play golf while at work! With three game modes and four feet of cord, play anywhere in your cubicle and put off today what you can do tomorrow!
  • Star Wars Yoda Talking USB Desk Protector: Keep Sith away from your personal items with this talking Yoda USB toy. This motion detector can sense movement up to nine feet away and will say popular Yoda sayings like, “A disturbance in the Force, there is.”
  • USB Robot Owl: Everyone loves a cute, quizzical owl. With its big eyes and adorable head movements, perch this owl on top of your monitor to remind you how cute he or she really is. Robot Owls have three settings: Active, Mellow or Sleeping.


  • Classroom Jeopardy: Enjoy the engagement you’ll see in your students Alex Trebec guides them through a grueling double jeopardy round. Test scores will go up and so will your classroom management!
  • Didj: Made by LeapFrog, the Didj plugs into your computer and can crunch all the data your child as put on their Didj. Like a Nintendo DS, only the Didj only play educational, engaging games your children will love to play without knowing they’re learning at the same time.

As you can see, there is more to USB than meets the eye. Keep yourself amused, make your classroom engaging or treat your own kids to an educational game or two. No matter what it is, the possibilities for USB are endless.