Top 5 USB Flash Drives

In today’s day and age, flash drives have gotten smaller and faster in a relatively short amount of time. Several companies have made a name for their flash drive quality and reliability including Kingston, Corsair, SanDisk, Lexar and PNY. What these companies provide is top notch transfer rates, durability and multiple functions which other companies strive to repeat.

Above and Beyond

  • SanDisk Cruzer: If you’re looking for a flash drive that’s tough, built to last and doesn’t have a lot of frills, then look no further than the SanDisk Cruzer. Although it doesn’t have a cap (the USB connector slides in and out) or store more than 16 GB, the SanDisk Cruzer can stand up to just about anything because it’s made out of titanium.
  • Corsair Flash Voyage: Planning on taking your flash drive underwater? Look no further than the Corsair Flash Voyage. Hyped as being indestructible, the Corsair has stated that it is even water proof for those who accidentally leave it in their jeans and run it through the washing machine.
  • Lexar Lightning: The Lexar Lightning is one of the few drives that come with software so that users can keep their personalized settings from computer to computer. Plus, order it online and Lexar provides free laser engraving.

Very Little Frills

  • PNY Mini Attache: This PNY model does little else than transfer files, but does it well. It doesn’t come with any preinstalled software like the Cruzer or the Lexar Lightning and therefore it’s recommended that consumers look at other options before buying the Mini Attache.
  • Kingston Data Traveler (32 GB): This flash drive has a quick transfer rate among all flash drives, but is just big enough to block a neighboring port. Fast and affordable, but not as sleek as the newer 3.0 models.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high performance flash drive with pre-installed software and an almost indestructible casing, look no further than SanDisk’s Cruzer. However, you can’t go wrong with any of the listed models, just make sure you know what you want in a flash drive.