Old Chargers Won’t Work With New Nexus 5X

If you haven’t gotten used to the many changes we’re constantly seeing with technology, you may not be ready yet for the transition to the use of USB-C connectors. However, this is reality, and Google is making various efforts to make this technology the new standard of use. Of the two upcoming Nexus devices, there is a USB Type-C port, and users will be able to connect their USB cable any way they prefer. However, the problem many have is the fact that the Nexus 5X will only come equipped with a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable.

The Primary Issue

The primary issue with the USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable is that you won’t be able to connect your device to places like your car charger or even your computer. In fact, your options will be severely limited unless you have already obtained a MacBooks Apple. While this may seem to be an expensive problem, there is an answer to every problem, and the purchase of a Type-C to Type-A cable can allow you a temporary fix as we make the transition to USB-C cables.

Not An Expensive Issue

The good news is that you can still take advantage of the Nexus 5X without having to invest hundreds of dollars in upgrading your USB technology. You can pick up a 4-pack of Type-C to Type-A cables on Amazon for only around $20. If you prefer the official converter cable made available on Google Store, you can purchase one for around $13