New Gains With USB 3.1

We are always in the market for the next “big thing,” and it has arrived in the world of USB technology. Anandtech, MSI and Asmedia have teamed up to compare the USB 3.0 to the new 3.1 version, and they’re revealing a number of gains to be taken advantage of with the newer version.


We rely on speed, especially in a society with an increasing reliance on instant gratification. The USB 3.1 has shown to deliver positive results consistently with each company, and their results are as follows:

  • 27 percent faster when compared to the VIA controller
  • 1.7 times faster when compared to Intel
  • 75 percent faster when compared to the Intel integrated USB 3.0 controller

End of SATA Ports

The USB 3.1 could eliminate the need for SATA ports due to their vastly improved storage performance. Current motherboards feature numerous 4-12 SATA ports. However, M.2 and mSATA features make it possible for a direct integration between an SSD and the motherboard. When you combine this fact with speedy external storage, it’s easy to see why the need for SATA ports may be reduced or completely eliminated.

The possibilities are vast. With PCI Express-based storage installed directly to the motherboard, the current need for internal storage cabling could also be completely eliminated. It’s an exciting time in the world of technology, and ingenious innovations such as the USB 3.1 are making it easier than ever before to store and share information, further connecting the world we live in.