High-Output USB-C Power Bank

The new MacBook by Apple features portability, and it is small, thin and easy for any professional on the go. However, a lot of negative buzz was generated during its debut in March in regards to the fact that it has only a single USB Type-C port. While this is capable of supporting various functions including charging, video output, and USB 3 data transfer for external devices and peripherals, many consumers are seeking further options.

Xtron by Maximas: Breaking the Mold in Power

To meet the demands of the public, Maximas has introduced Xtron which features both a USB Type-C port and a USB Type-A port. This allows users to charge two devices at the same time using high-quality battery cells produced by the same company trusted by Tesla. It’s true that other companies have already introduced the idea of the Type-C power banks, but Maximas is taking things to a new level with an incredible 13,400 mAh power capacity.

A Quick Solution On The Go

We live in a busy society, and you rely on your mobile devices in order to complete your daily responsibilities. Maximas has recognized this fact, and that’s why they included a power output of 4.2 amps with their new Xtron. With this amount of power, people are able to charge their devices quicker than ever on the go as it’s able to extend the battery life of the new MacBook by an impressive eight hours with just a 3.5 hour charge.