Google’s Nexus Correction Has Fans Excited

There’s a lot of hype for Google’s newest Nexus smartphone as it will be shipped with a USB Type C to USB Type A connector. The original specs list failed to mention this inclusion, but that turns out to have been reported in error.

A reader of Android Headlines reportedly contacted a Google Store to inquire as to why this technology was not being included, and the representative made the correction and indicated the product did include the connector.

Phandroid Caught it First

The first recognition that Google’s Nexus only included a Type C USB to Type C cable was made by Phandroid. Failure to keep up with this technology meant that users would be unable to connect their mobile devices to their computers using their current chargers, severely limiting capabilities. Although consumers are able to purchase Type C to Type A adapters on Google Store for only $13, they expect it’s inclusion upon initially purchasing their phone.

Take it With a Grain of Salt

There have obviously been errors along the way when it comes to Google’s newest Nexon smartphone. According to Google sources, the product does indeed include the latest USB Type C connectors to allow maximum connectivity. However, considering the amount of confusion, it’s always a good idea to take these unofficial statements with a grain of salt. Your best bet is to keep your expectations low and wait until you take your new Nexus smartphone out of the box to see exactly what all is included.