Going the Distance With Corning USB 3.0 Extension Cables

When it comes to USB 3.0, designers typically haven’t had distance in mind, and cables longer than three meters have simply not been something designers have conceptualized. However, Corning is taking USB 3.0 cables to a whole new level, and they are going the distance by offering 10 meter cables. They can do so without compromising the integrity of data by using glass rather than copper.

Many Benefits to Take Advantage Of

Corning has implemented the use of ClearCurve VSDN in their USB 3.0 cables, and this allows users to take advantage of a thinner and lighter cable. Other advantages of this new and improved device include:

  • Long distance data communication capability
  • Ease of transport
  • Reasonable price

There is a common downside to be expected with new technology, and that is the fact that, while they will be compatible with any USB device, they may not function until necessary firmware/driver updates are made. However, this typically follows technology upgrades.

A Bright Future for USB Technology

There are many new and exciting innovations on the horizon when USB technology is concerned, and those in the professional workplace have many new advantages to look forward to in the near future. Corning’s new USB 3.0 extension cables will offer increased capabilities, and they can be acquired for a minimal investment of only $129. To compensate for the temporary necessity for upgrades to existing technology, there are 2.0 alternatives available now.