Faster Than Ever iPad Pro Connections With USB 3.0

Apple is well-known for their ability to continually give consumers what they want in the world of technology, and they’re at it again with the USB 3.0-compatible Lightning connector. While previous reports from iFixit only indicated hints of this type of capability, Apple recently substantiated these reports when they announced their ultra-large iPad will, indeed, be capable of ultra-fast data transfer speeds.

Beyond USB 2.0 Standard

Most of us are accustomed to the USB 2.0 standard that have been used with previous versions of iPad. They were typically only capable of delivering maximum throughput of 60MB per second. USB 3.0, on the other hand, will astonish users as it has multiplied this capability by an amazing 10 times with speeds as high as 625MB per second. The results could make a huge difference for those who rely on the transfer of large files such as artists, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers as they can save them time and money.

As exciting as the concept of the Lightning-to-USB 3.0 adapter is, consumers will have to maintain their patience as the device does not yet exist. Apple is currently in the process of creating the adapter needed to tap into these capabilities, and many Apple customers are currently testing the product on their current USB 2.0 cables. Apple is working on some of the kinks such as the fact that multiple pins required for proper functioning are still missing. Once they are able to successfully meet the USB 3.0 criteria, they expect to deliver on their ideas.