Apple’s Lightning Has a New Competitor

The increase in the use of mobile devices has led to new innovations and continual upgrades for the highly receptive consumer market to take advantage of. These devices must be able to be connected to other outlets, and Apple introduced the Lightning, a connector featuring a small and slim design. While this solution was standard for Apple devices for anything from iPhones and iPads to iPods and more, a new competitor has hit the market.

Advantages of Lightning

There were a variety of unique benefits Apple users were able to take advantage of that Android users could not. The Lightning connector had attractive features, the most dominant being the fact that the charging cable is reversible, so there’s no wrong way to plug it in. This proves especially useful for users who are trying to charge their mobile device in a low-lit environment.

Enter the USB Type-C Connector

MicroUSB connectors are keyed, and this basically means that there is a specific way they must be plugged in to charge. However, users wanted an improvement, and they achieved their goal. USB Implementer’s Forum has responded with a new and improved connector, the USB Type C, and it will soon be made available for use on devices such as tablets and smartphones. Not only will users have access to reversible connection, but they can also take advantage of high-speed capabilities. USB-Type-C.svg

While it will take some time before the USB Type C will be compatible with computer motherboards, it’s will be available for the next version of the Retina MacBook and the Chromebook Pixel laptops, allowing the public to soon have the ability to take advantage of quick charges and transfers.